Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And so it begins.. Day 1: Starting weight 293.4

Today is the BIG day!  Literally!!  I am at my heaviest and have never been more excited and motivated to start a healthier way of life.  I plan on "weighing in" every Tuesday and I hope to keep track of my daily menus here, too.  It will be nice to have a record to refer to.

Things started out a little rough.  I overslept and didn't have time to make my eggs and bacon.  Luckily, I am a nanny for a little girl who dyed way too many easter eggs over the weekend :)  YUM!!  I did manage to throw a can of olives into a bag on the way out the door so I had a nice snack mid-morning, too.  Lunch was not as satisfying as I had hoped- Wendy's- but I stuck to plan!  Now I am getting ready to prepare a feast for dinner!! 

I AM STARVING!!  Not enough fat today.  Not enough to eat in general.  I am not one of those people whos hunger subsides quickly when low carbing.  I really have to load up on the fats to feel satisfied and to keep me from cheating.  I am making chicken legs with butter and parm and some cauliflower with cheese.  That should keep me full for the night!!  Otherwise, you may find me chewing on a stick of butter later.  No shame in that!!

B:  Two hard boiled eggs and mayo, 1 cup of coffee (and a bit of banana that I didn't even realize I put in my mouth till I swallowed it!! duh).
S:  One dozen large black olives, water.
L:  Wendy's side salad w. ranch, plain double stack sans bun, water
D:  Chicken legs w. butter and parm, cauliflower w. cheese sauce, diet soda (bad news, I know).

Okay, so my second post on my first ever blog is complete and it feels great!  Now I am off to the LC message boards for some food porn :)  Can't wait for dinner tonight!!


  1. Good Luck on your Atkins diet. I know it is tough but you can do it. Just stay focused.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Keeping this blog has helped me hold myself more accountable for my actions, that's for sure. It is hard to post "I cheated" for all the world to see. Plus, it is so great to see the support from others!!