Monday, April 25, 2011

"Pre" Re-Induction!

I am no stranger to low carb eating.  In fact, I lost nearly 60 pounds a few years ago.  Gained it all back!!  My weight loss had been stalled for four months and I thought "If I eat some carbs maybe it will reset my system and I can start losing again".. WRONG!!  So after a few failed attempts since then, I am back and ready to give it my all!

Tomorrow is the big day!  The day I start my Atkins induction!!  So, today I am trying to find motivation!  Motivation to start my healthier life.  Motivation to fry the bacon for the week.  Motivation to do anything remotely productive!!  I did make it to the grocery this morning!  My shopping list is petite.. just like my bank account!

Heavy Whipping Cream
Chicken Legs
Unsalted Butter
Green Olives
Black Olives

My favorite part about LC eating is the fact that I can eat all of the items on that list and not feel the least bit guilty about it!!  It takes some getting used to.  Not just the induction flu, bad breath and the sporadic bursts of energy I have during the first two weeks of LCing, but also the fact that I have had "low fat, low fat, low fat" pounded into my brain for the past thirty years!  It takes a major shift in thinking to be successful in this way of eating.  Pile on the protein and fat and watch the pounds melt away!!

If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom to share, PLEASE DO!  I know I am on this journey for myself, but it is nice to know I am not alone!  I am still learning!


  1. Be BETTER than me buddy! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. WOW! Thanks, Jimmy! I didn't think anyone would ever come across this site! It is great to know I have you cheering me on!! Thanks again!! You have been an inspiration!!