Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 3: I feel good!!

Today was a great day!  Maybe it's just that I am so excited for Friday or maybe I am actually getting a burst of energy from my LC eating. I was exhausted this morning, but I have felt pretty good the rest of the day.  After getting home from work I did some productive things around the house.. dishes, laundry, fried the bacon.. finally!  Now I am thinking about chowing down on some bacon cheeseburgers for dinner :)  OH YES!!  I saw a commercial on tv about putting a ranch dressing packet into your ground beef when you make your burgs.  Sounds good!  I am going to give that a try.  I am so excited for Tuesday so I can weigh in and see how many pounds have melted away by eating bacon cheeseburgers.  Ha!  I still get a kick out of it :)

B:  Two hard boiled eggs w. mayo and mustard, coffee w. HWC
L:  Burger with cheese, onion and pickles, salad w. ranch dressing, iced tea
D:  Ranch bacon cheeseburgers, green beans, diet soda

Tomorrow I may reward my hard week's work with a Jimmy John's Unwich.  YUM!!  Heck, maybe I will have two!! 

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