Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 12: Let's do the time warp again :)

We had a busy day on Saturday!  I woke up and went on a cleaning spree!  I cleaned out the bathroom vanity and our enormous medicine cabinet!  I cleaned out the pantry and cleaned the house.  Then my dad, mom, and niece came over and Dad worked on a plumbing problem for us and fixed our air conditioner :)  He is so handy and we keep him busy in our "money pit".  Good news is we don't need a new water heater!!  That saves us a few hundred bucks.. woohoo!!  Then we took naps.  I am not usually a napper, but we made plans to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it is a big event that goes from 11:30pm-2:30am.  We needed to rest up!  Here is where the story goes downhill.. as you will see in my menu below.  Oh, the movie was fabulous, but my willpower sank :(  I have a feeling I won't show much of a loss this week.  Booooo!

B:  4 scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee w. hwc
L:  2 1/2 brats, green beans
D:  3:00am and a visit to White Castle.. 4 sliders and onion peels :(  I had a weak moment.

I will never eat White Castle again.  I swear I ate 10 tums before bed.

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