Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 7: Just Can't Get Enough!

Today turned out to be a pretty good day.. for a Monday!  I made a trip to the grocery and got some delicious scallops to make for dinner tonight!  I also got two filet mignon out of the freezer (from our cow:) and made a hollandaise sauce to put over some asparagus!  Oh yes, it is going to be a feast to honor my 7th day without any major slip-ups!  Also, to honor the fact that we finally found someone to mow our yard for a reasonable price :)  Mostly it is to honor the soldiers that killed that bas*ard, Osama.. which is far more remarkable that me sticking to a diet for 7 days.  God bless them!! 

B:  3 scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee w. hwc
L:  Salad w. buffalo grilled chicken
D:  Filet mignong, seared scallops, asparagus w. hollandaise


  1. Excellent job -that first week is the worst. You won't find that celebration meal on WW!

    I'm also an Aries, lost 40 lbs a couple of years ago on low-carb and now I'm 50 pounds up. Now my health is in jeopardy - I have no choice but to get on this again. (I found you via Jimmy's blog.) Once this is gone, I'm never doing this again. Now I know it's a lifestyle and health style, not a diet.

    I'll keep popping in to see how you are doing. I'm sure you'll keep me motivated.

    All the best,

  2. Thank you, Shanta! The support is great and if we can motivate each other even a little bit, that is awesome! I know we can do this!! Diabetes runs strong in my family and I want to put the smack down on it. It really is a lifestyle change. I think that is why falling off the wagon is so easy. It is hard to re-program the years of "low fat, low cal". Best of luck to you, too and thank you for the comment!!

  3. Well, this is a bonus for me - I really need the accountability. I also have a metabolic condition that makes it very, very difficult to lose weight, but I have too and need to change everything. Looking forward to supporting each other! Every little bit counts.