Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 8: Oh My My!! 279.4 - 14 pounds gone in one week!!

OMG. OMG. OMG!  Seriously?  14 pounds gone from eating delicious and satisfying foods?  Why did I ever fall of the wagon in the past?!  Today was fabulous :)  Work was amazing... precious babies so how can you go wrong?  Plus, It was weigh in day!  I was so thrilled when I stepped on the scales this morning.  I know the first couple of weeks are when some big losses happen so I am going to try to stay motivated.  I placed an order with Netrition.com and I can't wait to get some goodies before the weekend!!  We just finished a delicious dinner and now I am going to treat myself to a sugar free popsicle :)

B:  2 fried eggs, 2 sausage patties, coffee w. hwc
L:  Chicken breast and cheese cubes
D:  Loaded pizza bowls, diet 7up, 1 sugar free popsicle :)

Oh, AND I see I have some followers now!!  YAY!!  Thanks for your support out there!!  Every little bit helps!  Happy Monday to everyone!! 


  1. Hey. Congrats. Keep going strong :)

  2. EXCELLENT - that's such a motivator, to see results like that. And how brave to actually post your weight - I'll tag along with total weight loss numbers, but I'm too shy to post where I am. I'm still in my first week and looking forward to similar results!

  3. Thanks you two!! Shanta, I am not terribly brave! I am pretty anonymous out here so it is a lot easier to post my weight. ha! When I start seeing results I might get the courage to post pictures! EEK!