Friday, May 27, 2011


I LIVE for the weekends!!  WOOHOO!!  I have been doing very well since re-starting - no cheats!!  Last night I made the best pork loin I have ever made and just remembered that I left it in the fridge at work :(  I bought half a pork loin at Aldi and then I cut in in half and froze half for another day.  I rubbed the loin with a few tablespoons of low carb barbeque sauce and threw a sliced onion in the pan.  Then I glugged a little diet coke into the bottom of the pan!  Baked at 375 degrees till the thermometer registered 165 internal and YUM!!  It was incredible!  The sauce and onions were amazing! 

B:  coffee w. hwc
L:  pot roast, salad w. ranch, coleslaw
D:  LC waffles and bacon :)

What else is new?  Nothing at all, but I want to get back into the routine of posting on my blog.  I feel like it keeps me on track!

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